Our Facilities

Multiple Units to avoid cross contamination and address allergen issues

Production Capacity

Peanutsupto 1500mt per Month
Sesameupto 1000mt per Month
Pulsesupto 600mt per Month
Spicesupto 800mt per Month
Oilsupto 2500mt per Month
Grainsupto 1000mt per Month
 Sesame 15,000 MT / Year
 Groundnuts  18,000 MT / Year
 Other Oilseeds  12,000 MT / Year
 Whole Spices    5,000 MT / Year
 Beans and Peas  10,000 MT / Year
 Wheat / Rice  25,000 MT / Year

Nearest Sea Ports

Mundra 260 kms
Pipavav 200 kms
Kandla 200 kms
200 Kms. from Pipavav Port
250 Kms. from Mundra Port


Packaging ranges from a 500 gram pack to a jumbo bag of 1 ton and from a paper bag to poly lined bags to jute sacks therefore catering to different consumers all across the world. With this flexibility, we even handle private labels.

The liquids are packed in sizes from 100 ml to bulk flexi tanks while some items are packed in poly lined cartons. Vacuum packing facility for products is also available in house

For superior protection, we also use imported container liners to ensure that our customers get the product in a pristine condition, free from mold, infestation or other issues.