Sesame Seed Market – August 2021

India has had bountiful rain in the last 2 – 3 weeks which have covered a very large portion of the winter crop sesame planting areas. Basis the recent data available with us, Gujarat has planted about 79,000 hectares compared to 120,000 hectares last year. On an all India basis we have a planting numbers that are fairly similar to that of 2020.

We still expect more data in the coming days as the rainfall was slightly late on one hand and we have also had excess rain in some pockets of MP and UP which could lead to replanting of sesame. The general trade feedback at this stage is that planting would be lower by about 15 % across the winter crop areas as there were better margins on the other competing crops like soyabean and groundnuts.

The India Meteorological Department has predicted more rain than normal in September and October as a result of the La-Nina developing. If this prediction does come true then we know that we could possibly be heading for trouble at least as far as the sesame crop is concerned.

Indian markets have already reacted to the situation and we have seen prices rise over USD. 100.00 per ton in the last 2 – 3 weeks. This is purely based on assumptions that the crop could be weak and hence inadequate for local demand. Whether we will once again import 100,000 MT or not remains to be seen in the coming months. We surely hold the potential.

With container freights going thru the roof for all west bound destinations, we are sharing some indicative prices on FOB basis. In case of firm interest we would be able to offer CFR as well.

Whitish Sortex : USD. 1550.00 pmt

Whitish 99/1/1 : USD. 1440.00 pmt

Whitish Crushing : USD. 1350.00 pmt

Jet Black, Sortex : USD. 2060.00 pmt

Black Sortex : USD. 1785.00 pmt

Hulled Sesame, 99.98 % : USD. 1800.00 pmt

Hulled Sesame, 99.95 % : USD. 1750.00 pmt

We look forward to hearing from you.